Some 5 Star Resort Options in Ubud Area

Ubud Area

Bali Island, one of the islands and provinces in Indonesia that has been known to the world as a favorite tourist attractions of tourists. Various attractions in Bali have a tremendous attraction.

The beauty of the beaches in Bali is not both and always busy visited by tourists, both local and foreign. But is it just the beach? Of course not.

If Kuta and Sanur is known for its beach tourism then Ubud is known for the beauty of rice fields, forests, and nature of the mountains. In addition, art and culture are also growing rapidly and progressing.

The life of the people of Ubud is inseparable from the arts because in this area there are many art galleries as well as arena music and dance performances.

The attraction of Ubud will certainly attract many tourists who visit this area. Ubud is also a comfortable resort area. Ubud is located in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia.

There are many classy inns in the Ubud area. Choosing one of the suitable lodgings will make your holiday or visit to Bali enjoyable.

A resort like a resort will provide a range of exceptional facilities and services for its guests. Here are some resort options located in the area of Ubud which features various facilities and extraordinary service.

Bisma Eight Ubud

This 5 star Ubud resort offers 38 rooms that provide a serene and harmonious atmosphere. The resort also features amazing recreational facilities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, and beautiful gardens.

The resort’s facilities and services include 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, daily cleaning service, and free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.

Bisma Eight Ubud is strategically located in Ubud and not far from the city center. This 5 star Ubud resort only takes about 60 minutes to reach the airport.

Visesa Ubud

Visesa Ubud, one of Ubud’s 5 star resorts, can be an ideal place to start exploring the cities of Bali. Why is that? Located only about 1 km from the city center and about 39 km from the airport. This property makes it easy for guests to visit interesting destinations.

This 5 star Ubud resort features 106 rooms spread over 3 floors. The rooms provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere just like being at home.

Facilities complement these rooms, including flat-screen televisions, fireplaces in certain rooms, and free instant coffee / tea dishes. A range of services are available for guest convenience, including 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, cleaning services, and more.

But what is the only thing that is available in this resort? Of course not. To add to the comfort of the guests are also available various recreational facilities, such as hot tubs, yoga room, fitness center, up to the climbing route.

Want to know more? You can see it here.

Visesa Ubud can be a special place of stay, your holiday filler while in Bali or whatever the purpose of your visit.

Alila Ubud Hotel

As one of Ubud’s 5 star resorts, the Alila Ubud Hotel presents a Balinese architectural style design with spacious gardens creating an intimate and intimate feeling.

The hotel provides a wide selection of 56 rooms spread over two floors. All rooms offer beautiful river views surrounded by mountains.

Recreational facilities available, among others, massage places, outdoor swimming pools, spa venues and water sports. Guests can also visit various art galleries, museums, Balinese dances, and much more.

That’s 3 choices of 5 star resort Ubud for your holiday in Bali, especially Ubud tourist area, based on one of the leading travel sites.

Choosing a luxury lodging does require a small fee but will provide a guarantee of comfort just like being at home alone.

Staying at 5 star resort Ubud will provide an unforgettable experience during your stay in Bali.

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