The 7 Most Adorable Cat Photos With Their Kittens – It is well known that some people are ‘dog people’ and others are ‘cat people’. In early 2010, specific research was conducted by a University of Texas at Austin that found almost 42 percent of Americans self-identify as ‘dog people’ versus only 12 percent who reported they are ‘cat people’. About 28 percent said ‘both’ and 15 percent said ‘neither’. Which means that according to this research, more people dislike both types of furry housepets than express a distinct cat preference.
Anyways cats are more popular than dogs on internet today and I don’t know why. Even im a ‘’dog people’’ too, I still like to check out funny, cute ,adorable cat photos over internet. I’m sure you would enjoy this 10 list, regardless you like cats or dogs more. Check out 7 Most Adorable Cat Photos With Their Kittens.

1. Cats & Kittens


2. Cats & Kittens


3. Cats & Kittens


4. Cats & Kittens


5. Cats & Kittens


6. Cats & Kittens


7. Cats & Kittens



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