The 7 Most Spectacular Dog-Friendly Beaches in America – A popular directory service for pet-friendly vacation rentals, has put together a list of the 7 most dog-friendly beaches in America. Now we could just list the lot in 7 lines and be done with it.

But what’s a blog post without pictures of cute dogs and puppies frolicking on a beach vacation while their masters and mistresses snooze and soak in the sun? Take a look at these happy pets and the stunning beaches, and both you and Fido will start yearning for a dog beach holiday yourself.

1. Dog Beach in Huntington Beach in California

Dog-Friendly Beaches in America

Better known all over the world as Surf City USA, Huntington Beach is not just about pier surfing and monster waves. It’s also an extremely dog-friendly city, and you could say the wide sandy Dog Beach is Dog City USA. The Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach even works to keep the beach clean and accessible for dog lovers and their four-legged canine companions.

2. Cannon Beach in Oregon

Dog-Friendly Beaches in America-2

Cannon Beach is a ruggedly beautiful and popular resort hotspot about 80 miles west of Portland. Visitors come to see the famous Haystack Rock and end up spending the day playing on the beach. If you bring Fido along, your pet will rediscover the inner animal inside in the midst of all the natural beauty and sea birds. Public beaches in Cannon Beach are very safe, dog-friendly and a nice place to spend the day for both dogs and their masters.

3. Fort Funston State Park in San Francisco, California

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Fort Funston is located on the western edge of San Francisco, with 200 feet high bluffs that make it a great place for outdoor activities including hang-gliding and horse riding. If your preferences tilt towards canine rather than equestrian four-legged loyal friends with tails and wet noses, then you’ll be heading down to the beach at Fort Funston, rated as one of California’s most dog-friendly beaches. Fido can run like the wind, chase his own tail, retrieve balls and frisbees and play with his fellow doggy comrades in the sand and water in a way that’s just not possible in parks in the city.

4. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan

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If all the dog-friendly beaches were to be found only on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, where would pet owners in the Midwest go? Thankfully, there are lakeshore beaches such as the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that are just as beautiful and dog-friendly as any beach in Florida or California. You and Fido will be wowed by the beauty of miles and miles of beach sand and sand bluffs that tower 450 feet high up above Lake Michigan. Also managed by the NPS, this lakeshore offers everything from lighthouses to farmsteads and coastal villages worth exploring.

5. Beaches of Cape San Blas, FL

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It’s hard to find a good beach where both man and dog can run amok and enjoy a few hours of down time and frolic without tripping all over other people and their pets. The beaches of Cape San Blas, just 35 miles from Panama City, are pristine and undeveloped and virtually empty all the time. You and your four-legged friends can run and swim and play as far as the eye can see at Cape San Blas without bumping into any other pet owners or dogs.

6. Fort DeSoto Park in Pinellas County, FL

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Fort DeSoto Park is an entire island perfectly located on the way to and from Tampa Bay. Fort DeSoto Beach was judged as America’s Best Beach a few years ago by the famous Dr. Beach. Obviously, the badge of honor from Dr. Beach means it is a great beach for people, but it’s also one of the best dog beaches in Florida and the U.S. where Fido can run and swim free and wild.

7. Dog Beach in Del Mar, San Diego, California

Dog-Friendly Beaches in America-7

This is perhaps the most dog-friendly beach not just in California or on the West Coast, but in the entire continental United States. It is not just about the fact that owners find it safe to allow their dogs to run wild without a leash all over the beach and in the water during certain times of the year. More importantly, the constant flow of pet owners and dogs maintains a certain environment on the beach which makes dogs feel perfectly at home. The Del Mar Dog Beach is actually located south of Solana Beach and north of Del Mar. A river cuts off access at the other end, so the owners don’t have to worry about their precious canine friends running away. It’s a perfectly nice beach, well protected, clean and safe, and both you and the pets will be able to make plenty of new friends.

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